In the town of Oakland, Nebraska, a man set out to create equipment that would revolutionize the lives of local farmers and cattlemen. Founded in 1974 by Rey Brehmer, this small enterprise started in the modest confines of a former olive factory with just four employees and a dream. Little did Rey know that his humble beginnings would pave the way for decades of innovation, growth, and a lasting impact on the agricultural equipment industry. This is the company history of Brehmer Mfg., Inc. 

Brehmer Mfg Celebrates 50 Years

The Early Years: Nurturing Innovation (1974-1983)


The journey began with Rey Brehmer’s bold decision to venture into manufacturing cattle working circles. Rey set out to create products that addressed the needs of local farmers. Operating out of a mere 1,500 square feet of space, Brehmer Mfg. embarked on its pioneering mission, laying the groundwork for what would become a renowned name in agricultural equipment.

By 1977, the company had outgrown its initial space, prompting Rey to relocate to the Ed J. Nelson building along Highway 77 in Oakland. This move marked a significant milestone, doubling the manufacturing space to 4,800 square feet and expanding the workforce to six full-time employees. It was a period of rapid growth and experimentation as Brehmer diversified its product offerings to include trailers for Hegge sprayers and ventured into the production of grain and silage truck bodies.

In 1980, the company expanded its equipment inventory by acquiring its first mechanical shear and press brake in company history. This investment enhanced manufacturing capabilities and signaled Brehmer’s commitment to quality and precision. Additionally, the introduction of tractor-mounted roller weed mops, folded toolbars for John Deere planters, and stainless-steel hog feeders showcased Rey’s innovative spirit and willingness to adapt to evolving market demands.

By 1983, Brehmer Mfg. had established its permanent residence in the small town of Lyons, Nebraska. With nearly 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the company was well-positioned for future growth and expansion. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a new chapter in Brehmer’s journey—a chapter defined by resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Steel cattle working circle gate made in 1976 from Brehmer Mfg., Inc.

Navigating Growth (1984-2005)


The following decades witnessed Brehmer Mfg.’s steady ascent, fueled by a culture of innovation and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. In 1985, the company was officially incorporated, with Rey Brehmer assuming the role of president and his oldest son, Joe, serving as Secretary/Treasurer, cementing a family legacy.

Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, Brehmer Mfg. continued to expand its product portfolio and reach new markets. By entering into a partnership with Tire Resource Systems in 1991 to develop and build machines that would help make tires easier to recycle, Brehmer was able to mark its first exported product to Canada in 1994.

In 1998, a leadership change heralded a new era for the family business. Joe Brehmer purchased his father’s shares of Brehmer Mfg. and became the president of an expanding regional business, bringing in his brother, Jamie, as secretary and treasurer. Joe’s ambition to expand and enter new areas of the ag sector is what the company needed to carry Rey’s vision into the new millennium.

By the early 2000s, Brehmer Mfg. had become a recognized name among agricultural circles in Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa, and Southern South Dakota areas. They had also begun making waves globally with Tire Resource Systems—now Eagle International—with tire recycling products reaching customers in over 27 countries worldwide. The company’s dedication to quality and customer service was further underscored by its participation in programs like Nebraska Business Development Center’s Lean Manufacturing, which aimed at optimizing operations and driving efficiency.

Embracing Change (2005-2015)


The dawn of the 21st century brought new opportunities and challenges for Brehmer Mfg.. The company embarked on ambitious expansion projects, investing in state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure to meet the growing demands of its customers. From robotic welders to plasma cutting systems, the company strove to stay at the forefront of technology. The construction of additional manufacturing space, office suites, and break room additions underscored Brehmer’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for its employees to thrive.

In 2012, younger brother Chad Brehmer returned to the family business to help oversee the booming truck equipment division that the company had developed; installing grain and silage boxes, hoists, wet kits, auxiliary axles, and modifying truck frames.

The most noteworthy event during this period in company history was the start of what was to become the company’s flagship product. In 2013, Brehmer introduced its first dry fertilizer tender box under its own brand name. These fertilizer tenders would make Brehmer Mfg., Inc. a household name within precision agriculture circles, quickly becoming known for reliability, safety, and innovative features.

By 2015, Brehmer Mfg. had expanded to operating six diversified business units and employing a dedicated team of professionals. The company’s products had earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation, with customers trusting Brehmer for their most demanding agricultural, livestock, and recycling needs. In addition, the Brehmer name was attributed to 11 patents in three different countries and would go on to receive four additional patents with three others currently pending.

Sadly, in 2015, Rey Brehmer, the visionary behind the company, passed away. However, his legacy lived on through his sons Joe and Jamie, who assumed leadership roles within the company, guided by their father’s principles of hard work, integrity, and innovation.

A Legacy of Excellence (2016-2024)


In 2016, Brehmer seized an opportunity for growth by acquiring three acres of adjacent property. This expansion laid the groundwork for future endeavors, setting the stage for what was to come, an ambitious expansion project, adding a sprawling 120′ x 120′ addition to its manufacturing facilities. Alongside this endeavor, Brehmer made strategic acquisitions, purchasing the assets of Eagle International LLC and establishing it as a DBA in 2017. It also expanded the reach of its fertilizer tenders by establishing a network of dealers across the Midwest.

Intent on affirming its spot at the top of the fertilizer industry, Brehmer expanded its fertilizer equipment line to include a variety of sizes and options, including truck and trailer-mounted tenders with overhead and side-discharge options. Joe and Jamie worked with tender operators to discover areas of improvement which helped push Brehmer Mfg. ahead of established competitors within ten short years.

At this time, Brehmer also decided to begin developing its own line of hog equipment–designing, testing, manufacturing, and distributing its own feeders and water tubes under the Brehmer Mfg. brand led by Jamie Brehmer. This effort eventually led to the patented Brehmer PT Feeder becoming the feeder of choice for industrial growers across the United States.

Not content with resting on its laurels and now equipped with almost 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Brehmer delved into Research and Development activities, exploring diverse fields such as fitness equipment, boat guidance systems, and milk parlors. Intent on expanding the available offerings and researching new methods, Joe continued to develop Eagle International equipment to help eliminate the stores of scrap tires–working with clients to build customized equipment that can help recycle the largest tires ever produced.

As the world grappled with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the global disruptions that followed, Brehmer remained resilient by expanding its offerings in the fertilizer equipment space by introducing a line of ag conveyors to accompany their industry-leading tenders.

As Brehmer Mfg. celebrates its 50th anniversary, the spirit of innovation and dedication that Rey Brehmer instilled in the company continues to thrive. With a new generation at the helm and a commitment to excellence ingrained in its DNA, the future looks brighter than ever for Brehmer Mfg.. From pioneering new products to expanding its global footprint, the company remains dedicated to shaping the future of agriculture and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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